Hollywood Hottie Krystal Shay


A one of a kind combination, Krystal traces her bloodline to Italian, German, Cherokee and Spanish descents, all which lead to her exotic looks.  Krystal has aspirations of Playboy and Glamour, and one day would love to have her own reality tv show… and living in Hollywood, California might just get her closer to those dreams.

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What is your favorite thing about modeling?

It lets me express myself, meet new people, see new things, and do what I love since I was a little girl.

What are your goals with your modeling career?

My goal is to work for companies such as Playboy and doing Glamour and going around inspiring young women you can do anything you want. That no matter what shape or size you are all beautiful in your own way.

What does your average day consist of?

Talking to photographers, meetings, pretty much networking. Also going to clubs promoting and hanging with friends

Where does your biggest inspiration come from?

My inspiration… well women are very self conscious with todays media and i wanted to show them that everyone is beautiful and it has been my dream since i was little

What is your biggest turn on?

Sensual massages ;)



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4 thoughts on “Hollywood Hottie Krystal Shay”

  1. Absolutely stunning.

    Been following her for quite awhile on facebook.

    IF I was 15 years younger I would ask her out.

    She is one of the most beautiful females in the united states as far as I am concerned.

    1. Hey Chris, where you been? Krystal was posted on here a while ago!

      I dont know about most beautiful in the US, have you seen some of the other hotties on here?

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