Miles Arnell: On the move and heading for the top!

Connecticut has much to be proud of and with another shining star on the way, Miles Arnell is heading for the top!

Having recently completed a single which is available on Itunes – I recently had a chance to listen to the cd to rate it.

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From his official bio on line:

“Miles Arnell is a one of a kind artist that draws from a sincere passion for his music. He’s 22, on top of his game, and working hard around the clock on his songs! His first single “LOVE NEST” is now available on iTunes! Miles’ music is a tasteful and unique blend of contemporary Pop, Rock & Soul. His sound is such that it has appeal to a TOP-40 listener, but also attracts those who thirst for a more classic or retro vibe. You may hear hints of Bruno Mars or Adam Levine, or a touch of some legends like Daryl Hall or John Lennon influentially, but more or less, in the end, your hearing Miles Arnell, someone with a fresh sound, style, and ambition. Miles is a true romantic, wearing his heart on his sleeve and drawing heavily from his own experiences. That being said, he finds a way to translate them in song as if through the listeners own eyes lending to the fact that we all endure similar trials and tribulations in this life. Miles’s honesty, soulful voice, creative swagger, and virally catchy hooks deserve the attention of music lovers everywhere!”




Love Nest – With this catchy tune starting off with crisp vocals, this song is sure to be a hit if it finds its way to the air waves. This song borders on the line of pop and rock, the combination works for sure! The top track of this cd for me.


More than you know (Demo) – Following a good opening track is never easy but Miles Arnell has no problem with that. A memorable and catchy chorus makes this song fun to listen to.


Get to know ya – Great vocals; this is what this song has. Not to mention the once again very memorable chorus, something it seems that the music of today has to have. If that’s a requirement, this song has it and much more.


Hold on me (Demo) – This song slows the flow up as Miles shows his diversity. Not as poppy as the rest of the songs, this song is hard to categorize.


Talk to me (Demo) – Another song that tries out a different angle on music. Not as poppy as the rest, but catchy none the less


Our love (I’d do anything) (Demo) – Another out of the box track. This song the singer pledges his love to his only love with a catchy beat and again another catchy chorus.


Wild Thing – (Cover) – Not easy covering a classic. Miles does a good job sticking to the basics of the song and makes it fun to listen to again.


Most musicians are finding tough to follow Bruno Mars who reset the bar when it comes to catchy lyrics and snappy lyrics.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this cd a 7.5


It can be dangerous releasing demos to the public so quickly, they never seem to be as strong as finished songs, but then again, that’s why their demos!

This is an artist definitely worth listening to for his original and very catchy music

Ron Fredericks

Mr. Big

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